It takes a village.

It takes a village.

We are the village.

In the spirit of Dwennimmen, with humility, wisdom, and learning, may we build a strong community with collectively healthy minds, bodies, and souls.


The Brotherhood of Elders Network presents the Black Youth Development (BYD) Book, a directory of over 200 Black-led educational programs for youth in Oakland.

We encourage you to discover and participate in our community’s vast network of programs. The opportunities are all free or low-cost, and some offer paid work experience. The BYD Book makes it easy to find programs that support positive, culturally-affirming developmental outcomes for Black youth from early childhood through early adulthood.

The Brotherhood of Elders Network is in partnership with each of these BYD organizations, who collectively serve thousands of participants annually. We carry deep respect and gratitude for the organizations and individuals who tirelessly meet the developmental needs of our young people.

As we thoughtfully center organizations with majority-Black leadership and boards, we give respect to all organizations that share our mission, and look forward to working with you.

The programs and details in the BYD Book will be updated regularly.

We Believe

We can help our young people discover and nourish their ancestral gifts.

The best way to love Oakland is to take good care of our born-and-raised.

We can turn our community into a model of how to best educate Black youth.


In the spirit of Ananse Ntentan, we use our wisdom, craftiness, and creativity to navigate the complexities of life, for the benefit of our ancestral brothers and sisters.

The Brotherhood of Elders Network is an intergenerational network of men of African ancestry who foster environments where Black boys and young men are empowered to flourish. We leverage our resources and relationships to advocate for males of African ancestry from infancy to adulthood. We maintain cultural connections to our African heritage. We advance and preserve the health and wellness of our families and communities.

Our reputation is based on being thorough, efficient, effective, accountable and producing superior outcomes in everything we do. We consistently work for the innate greatness of ourselves as Black men for the development of Black people. We are dependable and reliable Black men who conduct ourselves with honesty and transparency. Our positive words and actions are our bond.

By understanding the current conditions of our youth culture and applying resources to support it, we provide leadership in the development of new and innovative social, political, and educational programs that have positive impacts on Black people. We leverage our skills, abilities, and relationships to transfer knowledge, experience, and learnings to our community.


In the spirit of Odo Nnyew Fie Kwan, those led by love always end up in the right place.

My name is Kevin Hill, and through Akoben Organizing, I serve the Brotherhood of Elders Network as COO and Education Committee Co-chair. I founded the Black Lives Voter Guide, served on the OUSD Reparations for Black Students Task Force, and participate in community organizing collectives. I am originally from Cleveland, and have been rooted in the Bay since 2000. The son of a social worker, I firmly believe that educating our young people is the best investment we can make in a healthier, safer, more vibrant, and more inclusive community for everyone in Oakland.

I bring to this work 30+ years of volunteerism experience and 25+ years of professional experience in research, quantitative analysis, consulting, project management, higher ed curriculum development & teaching, tutoring/mentoring, entrepreneurship, and community organizing.

Growing up, I had the privilege of participating in many youth development programs, and I am inspired to ensure that our young people have similar opportunities to learn and grow under the guidance of the sheroes and heroes who deliver culturally-affirming programming.

I accept my responsibility to lead positive change in our community, and am intensely motivated to continue the good work laid down by our ancestors.